Sunday, December 25, 2011

Forgiveness is a good human quality

I have a school friend who by mistake took my computer work notebook home. When I returned from the school and could not find the note book in my bag, I got so worried. I searched everywhere, but naturally I did not have it. Next day, I had a test and without note book, it was challenging for me to score good marks.

Suddenly I remembered, that she borrowed the notebook from me and forgot to return! I told my mother who called my friend's mom and shared the story. My mother and I together with my father went to my friend's home and got the notebook.

My friend said sorry, and I forgave her, because I knew she did it by mistake. She did not steal the book and that's what I told everyone at home too.

It just happened that I got ill and hospitalized for three days. Doctor advised me two weeks leave from school. When I went back to school, my friend helped me with my homework. She lent me the copies and I was able to complete the school work that I missed during my sick leave.

I was right and forgiveness was the greatest thing that I experienced. 

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Sun is Heating Fast!

I was reading an scary article in Young World Magazine about Sun and how it is heating fast. The article says that we feel that the Sun has been around forever and is not changing, but that is not true. The such is actually slowly heating up and becoming 10% more luminous every billion years. My father tells me that billion year is a very long time.

But I still think that heat from Sun might become so intense that it starts burning our skin! The article suggests that it might happen that due to heat, water which is 70% of our earth might be evaporated and there won't be any water. If there is no water, how living beings will survive?

And the cause of this is that human beings are polluting our mother earth! I request you all to stop this for the sake of our future. Thank you!