Friday, October 12, 2012

Malala Yousafzai – She was Promoting the Teachings of Islam

I am shocked why Malala Yousufzai was shot in her head and neck? I am confused who wanted to kill her for such a wonderful thing she was promoting? Perhaps I do not understand the issues around us – But that makes me feel uncomfortable! She is only 14, three years older than me –

Education is the right of every Child. Islam also says so, no matter if you are a girl or a boy. That is what Malala Yousufzai had been promoting. She wanted every girl to go to school, get the best education and become useful part of Pakistani society.

She was promoting the teachings of Islam. If Muslims are not educated, they cannot compete with the educated world. Their future will be bleak. My father told me that girls are about half of Pakistan’s population, if they are not educated, they cannot make their kids as effective citizens of Pakistan.

Everyone is praying for her quick recovery – Not only in Pakistan, the whole world is praying for her. She has become a role model for everyone. Madonna dedicated a song to Malala.

I think girls must get education. This is not Western culture at all. It is the duty of every Muslim to educate children. Perhaps, those opposing this are not educated themselves!

In my view Malala is the ray of light and hope for Pakistan. May Allah Save Her!

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