Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Lost Girl!

This is as true story - I guess about 2 years ago I went to Park Tower Mall with my family. It is a mall in Clifton, Karachi. When we went in, my grandmother saw a girl only about 5 years old.

This girl was standing with a female guard at the main door and crying. My Grandmother stopped and asked her what had happened. Girl said that she lost her mother in the crowd. My Grandmother asked her when did she last saw her mother. She said long time ago when her mother was buying dresses at a shop in that mall. She said it is so crowded that I can not see my mother now.

My grandmother stayed with that girl until her parents met her. My grand mother asked this girl if these are her parents. She said yes!

At that point my grandmother handed her over to her parents and we went in for shopping. I feel some parents are careless!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

I Want to Have The Best Summer Vacations Ever!

Me and My Laptop

So summer vacations have started. Two weeks have already gone. This time summer vacations started a month earlier and will finish a month earlier too. Some schools are following the old schedule. But my school has been closed from 1st July.

I have lots of plans for these vacations. Purchased five books that include:
  • Mary-Kate and Ashley - Two of a Kind Series 
  • Enid Blyton’s - The Magic Faraway Tree 
  • Princess Daisy - The Tiara Club, At Silver Towers 
  • Enid Blyton’s - The Twins at St Clare’s
  • Enid Blyton’s - Second Form at Malory Towers

Already finished the Twins at St Clare’s and The Tiara Club. Now reading The Magic Faraway Tree.
Tomorrow we are planning to go to our grandma for a week, not exactly a week actually 4 days.
The other plan is to write some more blogs and learn about internet. I have discovered Google Earth and learnt how to use it. Google Earth is amazing. I could locate my house in Karachi and also my uncle’s house in Toronto.
Another plan to is to learn some baking! My Aunt has been kind to agree to teach me how to bake cookies. I like home baked cookies, so after I have learnt this, I can do my own baking.
But one can only do this if she is not sleeping until late. I wake-up by 8am, so that I can do my breakfast and start reading the book. Rest of the day is also well planned.
My suggestion for kids is to plan their vacations well, so that they learn few things during summer break.
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