Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Lost Girl!

This is as true story - I guess about 2 years ago I went to Park Tower Mall with my family. It is a mall in Clifton, Karachi. When we went in, my grandmother saw a girl only about 5 years old.

This girl was standing with a female guard at the main door and crying. My Grandmother stopped and asked her what had happened. Girl said that she lost her mother in the crowd. My Grandmother asked her when did she last saw her mother. She said long time ago when her mother was buying dresses at a shop in that mall. She said it is so crowded that I can not see my mother now.

My grandmother stayed with that girl until her parents met her. My grand mother asked this girl if these are her parents. She said yes!

At that point my grandmother handed her over to her parents and we went in for shopping. I feel some parents are careless!


  1. parents should care about their children in crowed and never leave them alone.... well you & grand maaa did great job :)

  2. yes, you are right Bushra, Parents should be careful.

  3. Its always important to follow instructions of parents and don't leave them or stay for your interest or go for some catchy or attractive things leaving parents. And parents should also care about their children...

  4. Parent's should always be careful but It's not always the parent's fault, some kids are too naughty or get attracted to stuff easily, leaving behind their parents.