Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Experience of Making my First Breakfast

Few days ago my mom and dad went somewhere and came quite late in the night. My sister and I went to sleep before they arrived. I woke-up early in the morning and felt hungry. My mom and dad were still fast asleep, I decided not to wake-up my mom because she was tired and made my first ever breakfast!
I never used stove before and I did not know how to use it. So I looked at the table and there was a loaf of sliced bread, I thought “how about a cheese sandwich?” I took out a plate and a knife from the cabinet, put two pieces of bread on the plate. Opened Fridge and took out a packet of cheese. Cheese packet was unused. I saw a red opening strip, and pulled it to open the packet. Took a small piece of cheese, spread it over bread and my cheese sandwich was ready. I ate that tasty sandwich and washed the plate and knife.
I was so happy to make my first breakfast and my mom and dad were happy too!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

My Father

I love my father very much! He works for us day and night to earn money. He travels a lot for his work, most all over the world. When he is out of Karachi, I really miss him. He was recently away for two weeks in US and UK, and brought some nice gifts.
 My father helped me develop confidence and I started blogging only because of him. Kids usually talk a lot about their mothers, but only few talk about their fathers.
I like to talk about both because they both love me and care about me. I know that my father would do anything for me.
I love you Baba!

Summer Holidays

Our summer vacations started from 1st June. During the last week of May, we started planning for our holidays. My schedule is full of fun. Plan is to wake-up around 9am, brush my teeth and take breakfast, do school home work and spend about 2 hours on computer.
Lunch around 1pm and read books that my parents have bought for me. Take a nap around 3pm and watch TV from 4pm-6pm.
During school days, we get-up at 6am like soldiers and get ready for school quickly. Now for the next two months, I will be relaxed.
I will also be reciting Quran during my summer break. I am sure summer vacations will be full of fun.