Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Experience of Making my First Breakfast

Few days ago my mom and dad went somewhere and came quite late in the night. My sister and I went to sleep before they arrived. I woke-up early in the morning and felt hungry. My mom and dad were still fast asleep, I decided not to wake-up my mom because she was tired and made my first ever breakfast!
I never used stove before and I did not know how to use it. So I looked at the table and there was a loaf of sliced bread, I thought “how about a cheese sandwich?” I took out a plate and a knife from the cabinet, put two pieces of bread on the plate. Opened Fridge and took out a packet of cheese. Cheese packet was unused. I saw a red opening strip, and pulled it to open the packet. Took a small piece of cheese, spread it over bread and my cheese sandwich was ready. I ate that tasty sandwich and washed the plate and knife.
I was so happy to make my first breakfast and my mom and dad were happy too!

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