Friday, October 12, 2012

Malala Yousafzai – She was Promoting the Teachings of Islam

I am shocked why Malala Yousufzai was shot in her head and neck? I am confused who wanted to kill her for such a wonderful thing she was promoting? Perhaps I do not understand the issues around us – But that makes me feel uncomfortable! She is only 14, three years older than me –

Education is the right of every Child. Islam also says so, no matter if you are a girl or a boy. That is what Malala Yousufzai had been promoting. She wanted every girl to go to school, get the best education and become useful part of Pakistani society.

She was promoting the teachings of Islam. If Muslims are not educated, they cannot compete with the educated world. Their future will be bleak. My father told me that girls are about half of Pakistan’s population, if they are not educated, they cannot make their kids as effective citizens of Pakistan.

Everyone is praying for her quick recovery – Not only in Pakistan, the whole world is praying for her. She has become a role model for everyone. Madonna dedicated a song to Malala.

I think girls must get education. This is not Western culture at all. It is the duty of every Muslim to educate children. Perhaps, those opposing this are not educated themselves!

In my view Malala is the ray of light and hope for Pakistan. May Allah Save Her!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Please Take Care of Our Beach and Marine Life

I have been to the Sea View at Clifton several times. But I cannot stand the smell which makes nauseous. There is trash of all sorts that makes this smell. Lifeguards do not have enough equipment and there is no marine life!
People visiting the beach do not even care about that. I remember my last trip to Canada where I went to Lake Ontario. It was so clean, water was transparent and pollution free. Lifeguards were well trained and fully equipped.
I think God has given us sea, why don’t we take care of it?

My suggestions are:
Give lifeguards good training and also equipment.
  • People must not through trash, those who do it must be punished.
  • Trash that is there must be taken out of city limits.
  • Food stalls should me moved into a clean food court styled place.
We can do it, it is not the government’s fault, if we do not through trash on the beach, and it will stay clean!
It’s our beach, we all must take care of it – Clean beach is good for marine life and also for us!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Advernture of Finding two Books | Thanks to Uncle Ashraf Chaudhry

I have been reading lots of books during summer holidays. With my father we went to Liberty Book Shop at Dolmen Mall Clifton. I saw two books that I wanted to purchase these were "All American Girl" and "They Princess Dairies - Ten out of Ten" - But the salesman did not give any discount. My father told him that Liberty always give him 10% discount, but he refused.

So my father told me that he would buy these books online from Liberty to avail the discount. But when he checked online, the books went out of stock.

I really wanted these two books!

My father requested on facebook to check if these books are available in any other city of Pakistan. His friend Uncle Ashraf Chaudhry was kind enough to find these two book from Readings in Lahore. He couriered these books to my father's office.

It was a surprise for me when I woke-up, I saw these two books on my bed. I really enjoyed reading books. And with this, I would like to thank Uncle Ashraf Chaudhry for his kindness.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Lost Girl!

This is as true story - I guess about 2 years ago I went to Park Tower Mall with my family. It is a mall in Clifton, Karachi. When we went in, my grandmother saw a girl only about 5 years old.

This girl was standing with a female guard at the main door and crying. My Grandmother stopped and asked her what had happened. Girl said that she lost her mother in the crowd. My Grandmother asked her when did she last saw her mother. She said long time ago when her mother was buying dresses at a shop in that mall. She said it is so crowded that I can not see my mother now.

My grandmother stayed with that girl until her parents met her. My grand mother asked this girl if these are her parents. She said yes!

At that point my grandmother handed her over to her parents and we went in for shopping. I feel some parents are careless!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

I Want to Have The Best Summer Vacations Ever!

Me and My Laptop

So summer vacations have started. Two weeks have already gone. This time summer vacations started a month earlier and will finish a month earlier too. Some schools are following the old schedule. But my school has been closed from 1st July.

I have lots of plans for these vacations. Purchased five books that include:
  • Mary-Kate and Ashley - Two of a Kind Series 
  • Enid Blyton’s - The Magic Faraway Tree 
  • Princess Daisy - The Tiara Club, At Silver Towers 
  • Enid Blyton’s - The Twins at St Clare’s
  • Enid Blyton’s - Second Form at Malory Towers

Already finished the Twins at St Clare’s and The Tiara Club. Now reading The Magic Faraway Tree.
Tomorrow we are planning to go to our grandma for a week, not exactly a week actually 4 days.
The other plan is to write some more blogs and learn about internet. I have discovered Google Earth and learnt how to use it. Google Earth is amazing. I could locate my house in Karachi and also my uncle’s house in Toronto.
Another plan to is to learn some baking! My Aunt has been kind to agree to teach me how to bake cookies. I like home baked cookies, so after I have learnt this, I can do my own baking.
But one can only do this if she is not sleeping until late. I wake-up by 8am, so that I can do my breakfast and start reading the book. Rest of the day is also well planned.
My suggestion for kids is to plan their vacations well, so that they learn few things during summer break.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

How Can we Become Responsible Citizens

This morning I was reading Dawn Young World Magazine and came across an article "Time to Grow up".

As we grow-up, we have lots of duties and responsibilities, as student, siblings and citizens. We all should fulfil our duties and responsibilities. But unfortunately, most of us do not understand what are our duties and responsibilities, and fail to fulfil those and end up being irresponsible or get scolding from our parents and teachers.

In order to fulfil our duties and responsibilities we should as a student study well and get good grades and complete our home work on time. As a citizen, we should obey the law and save the environment. As children, we should help and respect elders and as a sibling, we should take care of our family members.

We should fulfil our duties and responsibilities to become a responsible person. If this happens our world will become peaceful and also beautiful.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

iCarly is a Funny Show for Kids

Miranda Cosgrove

iCarly is my favorite TV Show. Carly, who is the main character of the show is a 13-year old girl. This character is performed by Miranda Cosgrove who has her own website show as well by the name of She lives in Seattle, USA with her big brother Spenser Shay. This character is performed by Jerry Trainor. Spencer is an artist.


Carly has two friends Sam (Jennette McCurdy) and Freddie (Nathan Kress). Sam is the co-star of the web show, while Freddie is the technical producer of I a member of The show is funny, I always laugh a lot while watching its episodes.

The web show is also very interesting. There are videos, one can submit a video and there are also very interesting games on this site.

I like the TV show because it is funny and the site is very interactive and interesting. I recommend kids to watch iCarly on Nickelodeon and register of

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Blogging Made me Famous!

When I started blogging last year, I did not know that by writing blogs, one can become famous.

Last week when my father told me that he received an email from ARY TV in which they wanted to invite me for an interview recognizing me as Pakistan's Youngest Blogger, I was really surprised. The program was sponsored by Omore. But before going in front of camera I got confused!

The host of the program Uncle Khalid Malik was so nice with me. He started talking to me which helped me a lot in gaining confidence. Soon I was okay. I learnt that one has to be relaxed in front of camera and the answers come so naturally in your mind. 

In my next blog, I will write about my experience of this interview, what questions were asked and what were my responses.

One thing for sure, blogging made me famous!  

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Wrong Teaching Approach!

This morning I was reading my favorite magazine "YOUNG WORLD". The article struck me was about teaching methods in Pakistani schools. The article suggests that in Pakistan, most schools do not have the right teaching methods. One of the biggest reason for this is the lack of training of teachers. Particularly in the government schools, the situation is really bad. Even in private schools, only few leading schools have quality teachers.

Teachers usually try to discourage students to discuss, debate and share opinions. This is too bad! How can students develop the right thinking approach if they are discouraged at school level.

Teachers think that their job is to teach from the book and students must learn what is written in the book. I beg to disagree, they should try to open student's mind by sharing knowledge beyond the book and also encourage discussions and debates.

My father tells me that in most of third world countries have poor education system. But he said that Sri Lanka has over 90% literacy rate. People are really aware in Sri Lanka. I wish Pakistan also increases its literacy rate and children in villages get good education too!
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