Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Advernture of Finding two Books | Thanks to Uncle Ashraf Chaudhry

I have been reading lots of books during summer holidays. With my father we went to Liberty Book Shop at Dolmen Mall Clifton. I saw two books that I wanted to purchase these were "All American Girl" and "They Princess Dairies - Ten out of Ten" - But the salesman did not give any discount. My father told him that Liberty always give him 10% discount, but he refused.

So my father told me that he would buy these books online from Liberty to avail the discount. But when he checked online, the books went out of stock.

I really wanted these two books!

My father requested on facebook to check if these books are available in any other city of Pakistan. His friend Uncle Ashraf Chaudhry was kind enough to find these two book from Readings in Lahore. He couriered these books to my father's office.

It was a surprise for me when I woke-up, I saw these two books on my bed. I really enjoyed reading books. And with this, I would like to thank Uncle Ashraf Chaudhry for his kindness.

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