Saturday, August 11, 2012

Please Take Care of Our Beach and Marine Life

I have been to the Sea View at Clifton several times. But I cannot stand the smell which makes nauseous. There is trash of all sorts that makes this smell. Lifeguards do not have enough equipment and there is no marine life!
People visiting the beach do not even care about that. I remember my last trip to Canada where I went to Lake Ontario. It was so clean, water was transparent and pollution free. Lifeguards were well trained and fully equipped.
I think God has given us sea, why don’t we take care of it?

My suggestions are:
Give lifeguards good training and also equipment.
  • People must not through trash, those who do it must be punished.
  • Trash that is there must be taken out of city limits.
  • Food stalls should me moved into a clean food court styled place.
We can do it, it is not the government’s fault, if we do not through trash on the beach, and it will stay clean!
It’s our beach, we all must take care of it – Clean beach is good for marine life and also for us!


  1. Every inch of Pakistan is a part of our sweet homeland and it is our moral obligation that we must take care of it. But unfortunately, even educated people don't care about cleanliness and throw garbage where they like. It's a big weakness of our system and people don't have civic sense. You have rightly pointed out important issues and I would say that concerned departments must follow your suggestions.

    Majid Shabbir

  2. I truly like to reading your post. Thank you so much for taking the time to share such a nice information.


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