Saturday, June 23, 2012

How Can we Become Responsible Citizens

This morning I was reading Dawn Young World Magazine and came across an article "Time to Grow up".

As we grow-up, we have lots of duties and responsibilities, as student, siblings and citizens. We all should fulfil our duties and responsibilities. But unfortunately, most of us do not understand what are our duties and responsibilities, and fail to fulfil those and end up being irresponsible or get scolding from our parents and teachers.

In order to fulfil our duties and responsibilities we should as a student study well and get good grades and complete our home work on time. As a citizen, we should obey the law and save the environment. As children, we should help and respect elders and as a sibling, we should take care of our family members.

We should fulfil our duties and responsibilities to become a responsible person. If this happens our world will become peaceful and also beautiful.


  1. The problem is that even if you fulfill your duties someone has to not fulfill their duties which also affect your duties and responsibilities.

  2. You are very right Bushra. We need to stop ranting about our problems and start solving them ourselves. One good step and the others will follow :)


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