Sunday, March 11, 2012

Wrong Teaching Approach!

This morning I was reading my favorite magazine "YOUNG WORLD". The article struck me was about teaching methods in Pakistani schools. The article suggests that in Pakistan, most schools do not have the right teaching methods. One of the biggest reason for this is the lack of training of teachers. Particularly in the government schools, the situation is really bad. Even in private schools, only few leading schools have quality teachers.

Teachers usually try to discourage students to discuss, debate and share opinions. This is too bad! How can students develop the right thinking approach if they are discouraged at school level.

Teachers think that their job is to teach from the book and students must learn what is written in the book. I beg to disagree, they should try to open student's mind by sharing knowledge beyond the book and also encourage discussions and debates.

My father tells me that in most of third world countries have poor education system. But he said that Sri Lanka has over 90% literacy rate. People are really aware in Sri Lanka. I wish Pakistan also increases its literacy rate and children in villages get good education too!

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  1. Education is very important and it needs to be given all the resources needed to build a healthy environment and the world at large.