Friday, August 2, 2013

Heavy Rain in Karachi

A thunder storm has occurred in Karachi. I have never seen this kind of lighting in my life! It's like Allah is saying that you had been asking for this since May, and now you get it!
Heavy Rain in Karachi

May wasn't a very pleasant one in Karachi, it was extremely hot and we all were sweating heavily. The heat was intense, and my classmates and I were praying to God to have our vacations soon. Since our classroom doesn't have much space, especially when 30 students sit there, the heat become unbearable!

First, when the rain started, we were very excited, that finally God is pouring down his blessings on earth. Or should I say Karachi.  But then the weather got harsh, and the lightening started to fall on the ground.  I've seen this kind of rain before in Canada, and I remember I wasn't that scared, but now, I feel A LOT scared. Rain doesn't occur usually in Karachi, but when it does, you feel like praying to god to stop it.

In the end, I'd like to say,  O Allah, do not kill us out of Your anger, do not destroy us through Your torture, and protect us before anything happens.

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  1. We are with you in your prayers Bushra!! God bless u :)