Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Exam Fright

When exams come near, kids develop an unknown fear. Some feel sick, some have grumbling tummy. They all believe that exams will never end. Off course exams are just for few days. I enjoy exams as I know that they will end soon and after that I will have all the time in this world to play, read books or watch TV.
When kids start their exams with fear, they never improve grades. If they really want to improve their grads, they need to take exams as fun and look forward to post exams vacations.
I never had exam fright. I always study hard and during exams, I stop watching TV or readying story books. I study my course material only. That is the reason I am constantly improving my grads to A+.
Please work hard in your class; our future depends on how good we are in our studies.

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