Monday, August 1, 2011

Love Pakistan Its a Beautiful Country

Our country is beautiful. If we love Pakistan, no enemy can hurt our country. So if we say nice words for our country, we can make it more beautiful.

This blog is for adults and children both. I request them that from now on, let’s not say bad words for our country. Always use positive words because these words are full of love and love can change our country as a safe place to live.
If we love our country, killings will stop and every one will be happy.


  1. live long pakistan and love pakistan :)

  2. If every Pakistani starts thinking alike, all the problems of our country would be solved. I think if we start thinking of Pakistan as ONE UNIT rather than dividing us into Sindhi, Punjabi, Balouchi etc etc things would be much much better.

    Very well written Bushra.