Monday, May 16, 2011

Am I really the Youngest Pakistani Blogger?

I did not know that I am Pakistan’s youngest blogger. It really amazing!

After reading my blog, Uncle Ashraf Chaudhry who is an author and a great blogger wrote a post giving me the honor as “Pakistan’s Youngest Blogger”. In this post I just wanted to thank him and Ms Mina Joshi who read my blog and sent her comments. I visited her blog which is nice as I like eating vegetables and her blog is about vegetable recepies.

I also received encouraging comments from Mr Huzaifa, Mr Majid, Ms Amna and Mr Nomi. Thanks to all.

I am feeling great. But missing my father who is on a trip to Dhaka for some work. I love you Baba!


  1. Oh Great youngest girl effort in the field of Blogging !!! GOD bless you & you will be rock INSHALLAH :)

  2. Hey, i dont know if you are the youngest or not.. as i dont really believe most of things ashraf ch says ;) ... but I love ur inspiration .. and your goal .. and i believe u can achieve it.. just keep on working and keep on learning..

    Abdul Rehman

  3. keep up the good work ..its really an inspiration to see such talent in our own country :) as your baba says the power lies inside you keep up the effort :)

  4. @Abdu, she is the Youngest! With time you will start believing in what I say lolz

  5. Oh wow!! Bushra your blog is really impressive. Excellent effort my child. Keep up the good work. May Allah bless u <3

  6. Nice to see .... My own blog is not so much updated like yours...Keep it up...

    Muhammad Aasim

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