Thursday, May 19, 2011

Why Kids hate to go to school – It’s a Fun Place

A number of kids hate to go to school. I think if they do not study, what will they do in future and for their country? To me going to school is fun and I am not joking!
Yes, it is true.
Just notice that when we are at school, we not only study, we meet with friends and chat with them, play games, go to field trip and also do extracurricular activities. Some time we get opportunity to become class monitor, which is an extra responsibility.
So school is not only about studying, it is about learning so many things. To me school time is the most precious time that I enjoy.

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  1. Hello Pakistan's Youngest Blogger! Yes, school is a fun place. It grooms us, nurtures us, teaches us, entertains us. Your blogs are so funtabulous!!


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