Saturday, May 14, 2011

Lesson From "Susie The Fish"

After lunch today, I read a story of a fish named Susie. She was a beautiful fish. One day she was playing in a park when she saw an ugly fish “Bienky”coming.

She called her ugly fish and told her to go away. The ugly fish moved away, but at that time, Susie was captured by a shark. Bienky heard Susie screaming “Help, Help”. Bienky rushed to rescue Susie.

She fought with the shark and killed her. Susie apologized to Bienky for bad attitude. Bienky forgave Susie and said “we are now friends”.

This story gave me a lesson that “Your outside beauty is not important; the inner beauty is the most important thing”


  1. outer beauty is will fade away when you grow old but inner beauty goes a long way ....:) and that was a very sweet attempt :)

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  3. " I want to become the one of world's top blogger before reaching high school"

    For sure you have the guts, Bravo...
    Keep up the good work!!
    Good Luck.
    Syed Yaqzan

  4. Inner beauty is the most important thing. One must be pure from inside. Best of luck to you.

  5. This is really a succession planning coming from a father :) I really like the story Bushra!! It's a fact, in real life you will find ugly people making wonders :)..Well done!! keep up the good work!!


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