Saturday, May 21, 2011

Eating Healthy

Food is essential for us; we eat food to stay alive. It helps us grow. Our teachers tell us not to eat junk food because it is harmful to our health. We all know what is junk food and the affect of eating healthy or junk. But when children go out with their parents, they usually like to eat burgers or French fries. And parents forget to follow what they teach us at home.
I do not like eating junk food at all. You will be surprised to know that I have never tried any cola or other soft drink in my life. When I go out with my parents, I like to eat properly cooked chicken and drink fruit juice. If I want to eat a burger, it is always homemade, because I know that home cooked food is the safest.
If kids want to stay safe from diseases, they must stop eating junk food.

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